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Accelerate Local BMW Sales

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Netsertive is a certified marketing partner who delivers digital differently. Our proprietary digital marketing intelligence technology learns from the collective wisdom of our growing BMW dealer network, giving you the upper hand to win in your local market. With fully customized ads and a fluid campaign approach, we ensure you reach the highest quality audience when they are ready to buy.


Reach More Qualified Buyers with Netsertive

Digital Marketing Excellence for BMW Dealers







With Netsertive


Industry Average 




With Netsertive


Industry Average 

100% Mobile Friendly

Carefully built to fit every screen size: from desktop to mobile.

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Search Marketing

Attract High-Intent Shoppers with Data-Driven Text Ads

Netsertive’s keyword and campaign automation technology has revolutionized paid search management for hundreds of dealers. Each day, our client’s campaigns receive a comprehensive audit to identify areas where immediate improvements can be made.

  • > 7.0% CTR
  • Top 2 Ad Position
  • > 8.0% Conversion Rate

Digital Video Advertising

Watch Awareness Grow with Digital Video

Choose a campaign-ready, brand-compliant BMW video from Netsertive’s brand video library to customize for your dealership or provide your own video asset. Our YouTube Solution uses enhanced in-market audiences and retargeting capabilities to drive awareness among local car buyers in the market for BMW. This solution fits any marketing mix by maximizing the reach of your current TV buy or reducing costs when replacing TV budget with a digital alternative.

  • 45% Avg. View Rate
  • $0.05 Cost Per View
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Display Advertising

Boost Engagement Beyond Search with Visual Ads

Targeted display campaigns with dynamic capabilities connect national brand messaging with local dealer content. Reach new consumers earlier in the buying process or re-engage prospects that have visited your website before with captivating visual ads.

Netsertive’s Interactive Rich Media Solution

Capture a tailored audience to drive engagement with your dealership and brand within the ad. Leverage photo galleries, video, and more to bring car shoppers to your front door.

Click here to see the BMW case study.

Social Media Advertising

Reach High Intent Customers on Top Social Networks

Netsertive’s unique Brand-to-Local audiences target your ideal car buyer on Facebook, Instagram, and across Facebook’s network of third-party websites, apps, and games. Plus, make it easy for prospects to request appointments with our Social Lead Ad Solution and get new leads delivered straight to your CRM for quick action.


The Netsertive Difference

Carefully built to fit every screen size: from desktop to mobile.


Flexible Campaigns

Pick the Solution That Fits Your Business

Customize a digital marketing mix to fit your goals or select from a series of pre-created packages, including:

  • Netsertive’s CORE Used Car Solution pairs a core inventory strategy with dynamic search ads to help you attract high-quality leads while reducing wasted ad spend.
  • Netsertive’s Fixed Ops Solution uses a combination of branded service terms, first-party audiences, and relevant extensions to increase traffic to your service bays.
  • Netsertive’s Conquesting Solution utilizes custom audiences on search, Facebook, and YouTube to help you reach consumers actively researching your competition online before they make a buying decision.

Flexible Campaigns

Get the Support You Need to Succeed

With Netsertive, you gain access to an experienced team of digital & automotive experts, dedicated to the success of your business:

  • Certified Digital Media Strategists conduct monthly virtual strategy meetings to develop marketing plans unique to the goals of your dealership
  • Performance Ops Team maximizes ROI with continuous monitoring & tuning of your campaigns.
  • In-Market Sales Managers meet with you in-store to review monthly business goals and make sure your KPIs are being met.

Leverage Our BMW Network

Turnkey, Brand-Compliant Campaigns

Our BMW dealer-focused targeting, advertisements, and strategy incorporate brand-specific insights and years of experience in the automotive industry. Benefit from the collective intelligence of our BMW network while retaining your dealership’s identity with localized advertisements and campaigns:

Our automation technology constantly enhances BMW campaigns by:

  • Removing underperforming keywords and placements
  • Identifying high-performing audience segments
  • Allocating budget to channels and placements with the greatest ROI

Design Your Strategy And Monitor Your ROI

24/7 Reporting Dashboard and Dedicated Support

Work with your dedicated automotive team to design the right marketing mix to meet your dealership’s goals of your dealership. Stay informed on campaign performance at all times with Netsertive’s reporting dashboard.