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Find out how a Local Ford Dealer drove a 10% increase in demand with Netsertive's YouTube Solution.   


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The Problem 

When a car dealership wants to generate mass awareness for their inventory or specials, they typically use TV advertising. However, TV advertising can be very expensive, competitive, and difficult to effectively target and measure the impact. With digital video platforms like YouTube, generating awareness with a target audience becomes much easier. A local Ford dealer knew they wanted to generate awareness for their top models, but they didn't have the resources to create local videos for their inventory. When they heard that Netsertive offered a YouTube solution where they could generate awareness effectively and utilize a localized Ford video asset, they jumped onboard.

The Solution

Netsertive is reimagining the way local dealerships drive awareness in their given markets with our unique video localization technology. Netsertive's Platform created a unique video from a brand-compliant, Ford asset for the local dealership, including their logo, area served, unique landing page link, and more. Netsertive's SmartTarget served localized assets to the most qualified, in market consumers in their given area based on thousands of data points across Netsertive's campaigns. Meanwhile, Netsertive's SmartAdjust made several daily changes to ensure maximum return on investment for the Ford dealership.