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It's the most wonderful time of the year! How can you bring shoppers to your business for the holidays? Want to know if Black Friday is dead? Is Amazon your enemy?

Get your copy of our eBook and get the gift of our retailer survey data.


We surveyed more than 500 small and local businesses across the United States in October 2017 to understand how they are preparing to drive in in-store sales during the holiday season.

Get your copy of our eBook to better understand consumer expectations during the holidays (and all year 'round) plus suggestions for retailers to consider when planning for Q4 success.


  • Learn how to grow sales by adapting to your customer's path to purchase (hint: it's more digital this year)
  • The top-performing advertising channels used by your competition
  • Tips to drive holiday customers in your front door
Tim McLain

eBook Preview
Recognize your Brand Partners


While some retailers are losing out on ways to join forces with Amazon, they are still missing a huge opportunity to align their marketing priorities with their top brands. According to our survey, more than 60 percent of small and local business owners are failing to use brand marketing assets – and it isn’t just this survey pool.


Large U.S. brands allocate $36 billion in co-op marketing funds to be spent through their local partners for marketing initiatives, yet about $14 billion of it goes unredeemed at the end of the year.


Three steps for harmonizing your marketing with your brands:

  • Reach out to your brands to inquire about available creative assets, promotions and eligibility for co-op funds.
  • Discuss your sales goals. Find ways to team up to drive new customers through your doors.
  • Work together to build out a shared marketing plan with specifics on how and when to apply for or claim co-op funds.