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2018 Local Consumer Survey 

In conjunction with the kickoff of National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5), we're sharing the findings from our 2018 Local Consumer Survey. We surveyed 500+ consumers across the U.S. to uncover opportunities for small business owners by answering the "how" and "where" their consumers are researching local services and products. 


Over half of shoppers still prefer to shop locally.

Despite the hype around e-commerce and online shopping, our survey shows that consumers still look to shop in the physical store.

Have you shopped at a small or local store in the past six months?
Shopped at local bus

All generations are digital. 

In recent years, other generations were ignored by marketers who were clamoring for the Millennial generation. But in a world where everyone is a "digital native," does the framework for marketing to generations make sense? Brands and local businesses need a new way to think about generations.

Which generational group do you belong to?


Almost 80% of consumers research online but buy in-store. 

Researching online and buying offline is the new norm. Consumers today have more tools than ever before to conduct research online before heading into a store — and retailers that leverage their online visibility will be more likely to win over the final sale. 

When making a larger purchase in-store, do you research it online first?Research online


Even for immediate needs shoppers still prefer to shop locally.

Even with some e-commerce giants offering same or one-day delivery, consumers are still turning to local stores when they’re in a pinch for an item. Netsertive’s research found that 43 percent of people always turn to a local store when they need a product within 2-3 days, and another 28 percent said they are evenly split between visiting a store and using an e-commerce website.

Do you turn to Amazon or a local business when you need something within 2-3 days?Amazon


Search advertising remains one of the best ways to reach local customers.

Every search that consumers conduct can be considered signals of intent, giving advertisers a massive opportunity to put their brand names and websites in front of potential customers. This is why search engines are some of the most powerful marketing tools ever created. Find out how customers are searching for your local business with these three free tools.

When researching a local business online, which channels do you use most?Online Channels


Voice assistants are here. Is your business ready? 

From Alexa to Google Home to Siri and beyond, digital assistants are changing the marketing landscape. Looking forward, this means that many users no longer need to pull out their device and type in their question—they simply need to ask their digital assistant of choice. Is your business prepared for this change?

Are you using a voice assistant (Siri, Alexa) to research products or local stores?VoiceASs

Facebook influences almost half of local purchase decisions.

Social networks are becoming the new online marketplaces with research showing why shoppers are looking to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for their next online purchase. Not sure where to start? Follow this quick 5 step guide to set up our Facebook Business page.

Which social media channels do you consult before making an in-store purchase? 



Promotions still matter.

Sales promotions have been used for decades to great success, and no matter what your industry or the size of your business, there are sales promotion tips and techniques that can benefit you.

Learn how La-Z-Boy used seasonal promotions to send 600 home goods shoppers in-store in just one weekend.

How much do local promotions influence your purchases? 


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