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The Value of Localized Video Advertising for Brands and their Local Partnet

EBOOK: THE VAlue of Localized Video ADvertising For Brands & Local Partners

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As the digital video landscape expands, the opportunity for brands and their local partners is growing too.

Advertisers are facing a new normal; viewers today are watching more video online than they're watching on television. As time in front of the TV declines and time on video channels like YouTube increases, brands and their local partners need to be prepared to shift their advertising strategy accordingly.

Download this eBook to learn:

The basics of digital video advertising; ad formats, targeting methods, bidding strategies, and localization techniques.

The differences between TV and digital video advertising and how brands and their local partners can make the shift in their strategy.

How brands can empower their local partners by using localized video advertising to raise local awareness, address soft demand, promote product launches, and store openings.