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How to Thrive in the National Retail Evolution

While store closings have sent shockwaves through the retail community, new Forrester research - “Apocalypse, Schmapocalypse: What's Really Happening in Retail - finds that most retailers are experiencing positive sales growth. 

Jay McBain, our featured speaker from Forrester, led this high-impact webinar for national retailers where we highlighted findings from his team's new research, noting that while there isn’t a “retail apocalypse,” there is a “retail evolution” happening, and senior level executives need to catch up.

Jay was joined by Stephen Day, Senior Manager of Program Development for Serta Simmons Bedding, who explained how he's using new marketing technology to execute personalized, streamlined digital campaigns at scale through his local America's Mattress retail locations. His goal: Turn local digital browsing into in-store foot traffic and sales all month, every month. 


Watch now to:

  • "Nail and scale" your national retail marketing in today's click to brick economy to get more buyers into every local retailer.
  • Compete and win against ecommerce giants by leveraging local retailers to drive local market awareness.
  • See examples of localized digital marketing at scale that drive results across networks of hundreds of locations.

Come away with fresh insight into why now is the time to initiate a local digital marketing strategy as new technologies have lowered the barriers that previously made executives shy away from the issues of scale associated with local marketing.

About the Presenters: 


Jay McBain

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Jay is renowned for his industry thought leadership and expertise in partner recruitment, development, and acceleration through effective partner coverage, enablement, communication, and incentives.


Stephen Day

Sr. Manager of Program Development, Serta Simmons Bedding

Over the past 14 years, Stephen has grown America's Mattress from a loosely organized group of independent owners into a cohesive network of 300+ locations centered on common branding, themes, and programs.