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How is your business showing up online?

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Free Digital Presence Report


1. Your website is your most important marketing tool. Today's shoppers will swing your digital door - visit your website - before they swing your physical doors to buy. Your presence report shows areas for improvement.

2. Social media has changed the way your customers find and interact with your business, more so than the telephone did back in the day. Is your business making the most of Facebook and other social channels to interact with current customers?

3. Business review scores, sources, volume, and recency are important factors to increase your digital presence score.

4. Your digital business listings must be consistently correct, or you could be driving customers straight to your competitors. Make sure your business name, address, phone number, and business hours are correct on the most important listings sites.


  • 73% of people lose trust in a business when their listings are missing or incorrect.
  • People expect to find fresh, positive online reviews when they research you and your products.
  • 85% of people who like a local business on Facebook go on to recommend it.
Digital Presence Report
What business owners say about their free digital presence report:

"My presence report helped me fix several key issues with my website. Thanks Netsertive!"

"I had no idea that there were 5 reviews for my store. Now I know where my customers are online."