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eBook: Understanding the  Purchasing Behaviors of Millennials

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Understanding Millennial Spending Power and Purchase Behaviors

Milestone Millennials’ use of technology to make purchases is changing the marketing landscape. They look for product information on local retailer and brand websites, online ads, and blogs. They are accustomed to and expect on-demand information that they can access anywhere, anytime, and on any product, they are looking to purchase.  

If brands and retailers want to capture the attention of this tech-savvy demographic they must have a presence online that conveys a consistent message across multiple platforms that meet Millennials’ expectations for on-demand and up-to-the-minute information on their products.

Download the eBook to:
  1. Learn about Milestone Millennials; the part of the Millennial generation that is making considered purchases
  2. Discover the seismic shift in marketing trends caused by Milestone Millennials and what this means for your business
  3. Tailor your marketing message to attract local Milestone Millennials when they're ready to buy